Learn more about the Eye Education Foundation seminar
from founder, Dr. Marnix E. Heersink.


What inspired you to start the continuing education seminar?

“I realized a long time ago that continuing education would be a necessary, important, and desirable thing for all doctors and so I felt that if we could share our knowledge, understanding, experience and insights through educational seminars, it could benefit attendees and their patients.”

How has the seminar evolved over the past 33 years?

“We have seen the seminar grow and expand almost every year. We have an excellent faculty and attendees that come from all over the country. The seminar is accredited by multiple states for their continuing education programs. In addition, we have evolved on how we conduct the seminar. We have gone from formal didactic lectures to now include 3D videos, live interactive discussions, multiple panel formats, and teleconferencing opportunities.”

What are your goals when it comes to the Eye Education Foundation and, more specifically, the continuing education seminar?

“Our hope and dream would be that the Eye Education Foundation continues its goal of providing excellent continuing education for doctors so they can improve care for their patients (who are the ultimate recipients of our talents time and expertise). I also hope that we continue to keep the elements that make us unique and that each attendee looks forward to coming to the meeting, learns a lot, has fun, and leaves wanting to come back again next year.”

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